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Benchmade Griptilian 550HG Review and Giveaway

Posted by Alan Stanford on

Let's talk about this Griptilian for a moment. If Benchmade had a flagship knife, this would be it. That is why it was chosen for our first giveaway, and why it was chosen for our first review.

The Griptilian 550HG remains one of Benchmade's most popular styles, and for several good reasons. I'm sure an entire book could be written about this single product family, but I'll keep it short  for the purposes of this review. I'll be focusing on the overall design, the options, and the value of this fine blade.

 The Griptilian was designed by master bladesmith Mel Pardue for Benchmade. Starting with the patented AXIS locking mechanism and working outward, the Griptilian took on a shape that practically melts into the hand. The Noryl GTX handle provides a substantial grip and feel, while providing an excellent balance to the blade. There are several blade steel options, but here we have the black coated, partially serrated 154CM, which gives it a good balance of edge retention and durability at a reasonable cost.

Speaking of options, the Griptilian has more than it's fair share. Regular size or mini, plain or combo edge, black or satin finish blade, drop point, tanto, or sheepsfoot, and many different colors from OD green to pink. And those are just the basic models. There are also several different premium versions to choose from.

It doesn't matter which options you choose, there is no denying the value of the Benchmade Griptilian. The basic models can be found at around $90-$110, depending on size and blade options, and the premium models run just shy of $180. While this may seem expensive to those used to purchasing low quality imported blades, it's practically a steal for a quality, American made product that is built to last as long as you do.

For a limited time, we are doing a giveaway for a Benchmade 550 HG seen in the photo above. Find out how to enter on facebook: here


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