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Guns and Gear Network/Survival Medical Backcountry Kit Review

Posted by Alan Stanford on

Stanford Outdoor Supply is pleased to announce a partnership with the Youtube channel Guns and Gear Network. Guns and Gear Network is dedicated to bringing you information, knowledge, and reviews about guns, gear, outdoor products, prepping, survival, and self-reliance. Our first collaboration is a review of the excellent Backcountry Kit from Survival Medical.

The Backcountry kit is a great all-around kit that is perfect for hiking and backpacking. It contains all the essential items to treat the minor injuries you may receive while enjoying the great outdoors. All Survival Medical Kits are packaged in Rigby, Idaho, using hospital-grade materials and vacuum-sealed in sturdy, resealable foil bags. You can view the entire line of Survival Medical Kits here.

We are excited about out partnership with Guns and Gear Network, and look forward to working together. Head on over there to check out the review, and be sure to subscribe to the channel to remain up to date on the latest information and reviews!


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  • Are any of the medical kits going to come back in stock?

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