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Guns and Gear Network Push to 2K Giveaway!

Guns and Gear Network Giveaway- Enter to win a Fishing and Hunting B.O.S.S. from Stanford Outdoor Supply and Guns and Gear Network!



1. Sign up on the form Below.

2. Watch this short video: 

3. Subscribe to Guns and Gear Network on Youtube.

4. Sit back and relax! Watch some videos on GGN or browse our site. We will contact you by e-mail if you win!



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Winner will be chosen on October 15, 2016 from all eligible entries, on the condition that Guns and Gear Network reaches 2000 subscribers. If they do not reach 2K by the deadline, the winner will be drawn when they do. If they reach 2500 subscribers by the deadline, Stanford Outdoor Supply will add a Fire B.O.S.S. to the prize!