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ADC Summit

ADC Summit


  • $129.99

Should you stay or should you go? Summit gives you the data you need to make the call. From the kayak to the racetrack, the ADC series is showing up everywhere. Whether you’re honing your shooting accuracy in Athens, Greece, or reading the barometric pressure trends when the fish are rising, the ADC lends necessary insight to your outdoor activity. Let your partners believe you’re predicting the rain with some sort of mind-bending, supernatural powers and leave the science to us. ADC technology is the perfect example of our commitment to changing the way we live in the outdoors. Overall dimensions: 4.3”x2”x0.8” Weight: 2.4 oz Waterproof / Submersible Current temperature (°F, °C) Current wind speed (mph, ft/s, m/s, km/h, knots, beaufort) Maximum wind speed (mph, ft/s, m/s, km/h, knots, beaufort) Average wind speed (mph, ft/s, m/s, km/h, knots, beaufort) Wind speed alarm Wind chill (°F, °C) Minimum wind chill (°F, °C) Wind chill alarm Current water speed (mph, ft/s, m/s, km/h, knots, beaufort) 12/24 hour clock Time, day and date Chronograph Race/countdown timer Current barometric pressure (in hPa, mb, or inHg) Past 24 hour pressure graph Prediction icon for next 12 hour’s weather Storm alarm Current Altitude (ft,m) Maximum altitude (ft,m) Minimum altitude (ft,m) Altitude alarm Ski run counter Manual and automatic data logging (1979 logs) IR data communication with PC (via ADC-IR) 2 Year warranty

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