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CRKT Key Chain Sharpener

CRKT Key Chain Sharpener


  • $13.99

Compact sharpener with keyring V Carbide design Features a screwdriver Has a small channel blade/cutter Equipped with bottle opener Anyone who uses a knife regularly knows that having a sharp blade edge is much safer than trying to make a dull blade do the job. Designer Tom Stokes created this compact sharpener so it would be easy to have along, and keep you sharp. You simply hold it firmly on a hard surface, place the rear of the blade edge into the V of the carbide sharpener blades and draw the knife through, pulling towards you. This handy tool also features a flathead screwdriver, small channel blade/cutter, and bottle opener. The Stokes Keychain Sharpener also comes with a split-ring for easy carry attachment.

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