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Fire Mini B.O.S.S.- Bug Out Survival Supplement kit


  • $15.99

The Fire Mini B.O.S.S. is a more streamlined version of it's predecessor, but with the same quality components! 2.8 oz.

Kit Contents:

  • Ferro Rod and Striker
  • Pocket Fresnel Lens
  • 6 Magnesium Capsules
  • 4 pieces Char Cloth
  •  Fatwood Sticks
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • 6 Tinder Tabs


     Quick note about the negative reviews- the striker and ferro rod have been updated since 2018. Just make sure you are using the flat edge of the striker, not the serrated tip. The tip can be used as a scraper to get some fine sawdust off the fatwood for easier lighting. We hope to produce some videos soon to demonstrate some techniques. Thanks!

    Alan Stanford 5/12/23

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